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Take Back Control of Your Calendar In 5 Simple Steps

Are you ever left wondering how to take back control of your calendar?

Particularly around this time of year, it seems easier than ever to get sucked into an overextended schedule.

Your work demands haven’t changed, but suddenly the pace of life outside the office seems to have increased to double time. 

The start of school and fall sports means endless opportunities to sign up for this and to volunteer for that. 

Carting kids here and there. Trying to fit in homework, dinner, and quality family time all while juggling everyone’s conflicting schedules and moods.

Chances are, if you are feeling exhausted by the demands of your daily routine, so is the rest of your family.

Does your schedule bring you joy?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, consider taking a hard look at the calendar. Choose those activities that mean the most to you. When you spend your life rushing around on autopilot, you often forget to stop and even notice if the things you are doing really matter to you?

You sign up for this and get put on the schedule for that. There are playdates, birthday parties, family obligations, sporting events, and overflow items from your workday that didn’t get done at the office.

You follow along with your color coded calendars and forge ahead with being busy.

But what would happen if you stopped to notice for a moment?

If you evaluated the items on your calendar and chose to prioritize the events that add something to your life and that truly bring you and your family joy…

Sounds amazing! But you have no idea where to even start…

 If you are committed to taking back control of your calendar, try these 5 steps to prioritize the non-negotiables and then consider modifying the rest. 

5 Steps To Take Back Control Of Your Calendar

Step #1: Take some time and brainstorm all of the activities that you complete throughout week. You might even take a notebook and keep a log as you move through your day. Really break it down, including even the small events that seem silly or mundane.

Step #2: Go back through the list of things that you have identified and categorize them into 3 columns:

  • Non-negotiable: these are things that can only be done by you (or your child) like homework, doctor’s appointments, and school
  • Negotiable: family time (nuclear or extended), varying household tasks such as grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, etc
  • Optional: these are the extracurricular activities like sports, music, visiting friends, participation in clubs or serving on a committee

Step #3: Now go back and circle all of the activities on the list that bring you JOY and add value to your life! 

Step #4: Next, look at the items on the optional or negotiable list that do not have a circle around them. Choose one thing to consider removing from your list altogether! This might mean:

  • setting a boundary around time spent with a certain extended family member
  • saying no thank you to a committee
  • hiring someone to mow the lawn
  • passing on a music lesson or sports team

Step #5: Repeat as needed until you feel more in control of your schedule and of your life. 

It Is Ok To Choose Rest

In a world that values being busy and overextended, reminding yourself that it is ok to choose rest.

It is ok to play one less sport, to say no thank you to the PTA meeting, or to skip the birthday party of a classmate that you barely know. To turn down the overtime or the weekend shift that has become the norm. 

It is ok to spend a Saturday wandering through the woods or a Sunday afternoon curled up on the couch. 

If you are ready to take back control of your schedule then let’s connect! Schedule a Free Clarity Call today and get step by step guidance to reduce overwhelm and make room for the things that matter most!

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