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Wellness for Working Families

Welcome! My name is Kristen and I am The Resilient Rehab Mama, a physical therapist who is passionate about wellness for working healthcare families.

The creation of this site comes with nearly 40 years of life experience, 15 years as a rehab provider and 6 years as a Mama to the love of my life. 

I’ve been through a lot in my time on this planet and one of the things that has always helped to get me through the tough times is writing. 

Not so much in a “Dear Diary” sort of way, but more in a write it down, hash it out, process and move forward sort of context. I love learning. Writing things down helps me to absorb new information- and I’ve learned that I also really enjoy teaching and sharing with others all of the great stuff that I come across. 

After years of sitting in my basement writing and creating content that no one sees, I have finally decided that it’s time to offer my expertise about wellness for working families to the world. Perhaps COVID has given me the final push. I am a firm believer in signs from the universe and if a global pandemic isn’t a big enough kick in the pants, I’m not sure what is.

With people stuck at home, the need for quality online content has skyrocketed. I am confident that my years of education, training and life experience can help others, not just during this time of challenge but also in times of wellness. 

After all, I also stand firmly in the belief that wellness is on a continuum with absence of disease being not at the peak but in the middle.  

Wherever you currently fall on that wellness scale I am glad that you are here! 

I am so stoked to share with you the golden nuggets of knowledge that I’ve come across over the years as I strive to make this number one resource for healthcare families in their quest to build resilience through education and the exploration of integrated health modalities. 

If were aren’t already connected on social media, now is the time. I love hearing from you so make sure to send me a message when you arrive!

It’s going to be an incredible journey!

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