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What if “What If’s” Are Not Always Bad?

As humans our brains are wired to consider the “What If’s”…

My experience is that as a healthcare worker and a parent, this natural inclination to consider the “What If’s” has increased exponentially!

Initially designed to keep us safe from predators, this inherent tendency to constantly consider the worst case scenario can be utterly exhausting. Always on the lookout for the smallest change in your patient that might prevent a medical emergency. Constantly surveying the surroundings and doing your best to keep your kiddos safe from harm.

Rumination on life’s “What If’s” can feed fear, keep us playing small, and oftentimes land us feeling really stuck. 

But what if we stop to consider a different perspective for a moment…

Is it possible that “What If’s” are not always bad?

“What If’s” Are Not Always Bad

“What If’s” also give us the opportunity to dream. To think outside the box and to envision what our life could look like without limits. 

Exploring the possibilities by considering statements such as:

  • “My values are…”
  • “I feel really confident when…”
  • “My ideal self is…(looks, acts, feels like)”
  • “My greatest strengths are..”
  • “My dream job is…”
  • “I could teach people about…”
  • “I feel joy when…”
  • “The thing I could talk about all day is..”
  • “If money was not an object, I would…”

Deeply connecting with all of life’s “What If’s” has been a game changer for me and it is one of the first steps that I work on with all of my coaching clients!

Creating A Vision

Choose a few statements from above, grab a notebook or blank canva page, and start dreaming. 

Allow yourself to really go big!

Without fear or self doubt, which “What If’s” emerge?

Get excited. Choose words, statements or photos that fully embody this experience. Create the ideal vision for yourself. Allow it to be a bit wild and crazy- getting that ultimate vision out into the world.

Go After It

After creating the long term stretch goal, you can begin to work backwards from there. Identifying the more realistic, shorter term vision. 

Where do you see yourself in 30 or 90 days?

How about in the next week?

What is one thing that you can do TODAY to move in the direction of that vision?

See how that works…

Creating a values based vision for your life is hugely empowering and, in my opinion, an absolute must for getting unstuck.

It allows you to always have a direction, a plan, and helps maintain the motivation to keep moving forward even when things get difficult. 

Reflecting on my own vision each day inspires me to get up and to do the hard work. And to encourage my clients to do the same. 

If you are feeling inspired to consider your own “What If’s” then let’s connect. Hit reply and let’s work together to get that plan on paper! 

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