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What to Do When Rest Feels Impossible

Do you ever feel like one of those people who just kind of sucks at resting?

Your body and your mind tend to be in constant motion and the idea of sleeping in or lounging around for the day immediately makes you feel lazy or guilty?

Particularly when you are suffering from burnout and overwhelm, it can feel impossible to rest. 

On one hand your body desperately needs to stop and take a break, but on the other hand, your system is constantly on screech mode.

That feeling of being wired but tired. 

It’s way more common than you think and you are definitely not alone!

We’ve had Snowmageddon 2022 here on the East Coast this weekend so I’ve had lots of time to think about and practice rest. 

Check out these five strategies to sneak in some rest…even when rest feels impossible.

1. Useless Television

TV usually gets a bad rap when it comes to suggestions for rest…but, if you’re having a hard time sitting still and this is the thing that makes it happen I say go for it! I have to avoid anything that revs up my nervous system- no medical drama, high suspense or action. I tend to stick to mindless reality TV because it’s low commitment and doesn’t require my brain to work too hard!

2. Reading Fiction

Put the self help books aside and get lost in some serious fiction. There is nothing like a classic beach read amidst a massive snowstorm. I often say to my husband that “I’m useless when I get a book in my hands”, but in reality it’s probably one of best things I can do for myself and for my family. An added bonus- I’ve passed on this habit to my daughter!

3. Yoga Nidra

Snuggle up somewhere comfy at any time of day and get lost in this completely still, guided practice, that has been proven to be deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for the system. I adopted this habit of ‘rest on steroids’ shortly after my daughter was born and have never looked back. Check out my favorite here.

4. Mindful Movement

If stillness just doesn’t work for you, try slowing down your movement instead. Take what you would normally be doing and dial it down- just a little bit. Try cooking or doing the dishes in a fully present and mindful fashion, go for a slow, intentional walk or try out a guided movement practice designed to cultivate awareness. This Yoga with Adriene class entitled TLC was just the ticket for me this weekend.

5. Schedule an Appointment to Rest

If slowing down or being still on your own just feels impossible, the next step might be enlisting some help. Scheduling a massage, series of acupuncture appointments, or a restorative yoga class. Enlist the help of a professional to guide you into a state of rest and relaxation. In a space where your phone and your worries truly can be put aside. Yup, I definitely scheduled myself a 90 minute massage for later this week!

Rest is so important for resetting our nervous system and allowing us to be more creative, productive, and joyful as we move through our workday and life.

Interested in step by step support for coming up with a plan to start adding rest back into your life even when rest feels impossible? Check it out right here!

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